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Lighthouse Development, Inc. is a real-estate investment company based in Jacksonville, Florida with a combined 50 years of real-estate experience.

We are not Realtors. We specialize in Bank owned and abandoned properties reviving them into high quality marketable homes.

One of our Lenders is now a partner with the City's Head Start to Home Ownership Program (also known as H2H Program). This allows their clients to get into our homes for literally nothing down. The program can allow up to $15,000.00 for down payment assistance and closing cost. 

The Lender also has programs with Bond money that allow up tp $7,500.00 for down payment assistance and closing costs.

Our marketing targets renters and first time buyers, The low down payment and the help we offer with the majority of the closing costs are just some of the ways we can help new and previous home owners. We also offer a hand in hand walk through the home buying experience.

This truly is the time to buy! 

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Some things that may be helpful as you scan our properties are:

  • All properties have washer and dryer hookups unless otherwise specified
  • All properties include central heat and air conditioning
  • The payments shown are based on the current FHA rates and include monthly escrows for property taxes and insurance.

Our general approval guidelines include good to decent credit, steady income, and good rental history. Don't be discouraged if you feel you can not qualify we will look at each applicant individually and help you if at all possible.

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